Category: Ecumenical dialogue

What SA Cleric Told The Pope

Pope Francis prays St Thomas More’s “Prayer for Good Humour” every morning, he told a South African cleric at a private audience in the Vatican. Anglican Father Michael Lapsley, director of the Institute for...

Orthodox Church Split Implications Unknown

The Russian Orthodox Church’s decision to sever ties with the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople will affect ecumenical dialogue, but the long-term implications remain unknown. Paulist Father Ron Roberson, associate director of the US bishops’...

When May Non-Catholics Receive Communion?

While some German bishops have decided that non-Catholic spouses of Catholics may receive Communion in individual cases according to pastoral needs, inter-Communion in Southern Africa is governed by the Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference’s “Directory on Ecumenism”, which was approved by the Holy See and released in 2003.