The absence of love

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  1. Vincent Couling says:

    As usual, an excellent editorial from Mr Simmermacher. Can it be surprising that some Catholics are wary of receiving sacraments from priests they might suspect of being gay? Especially after Cardinal Zenon Grocholewski claimed (30 October 2008) that no one who has a deep-seated homosexual tendency may be admitted to Holy Orders, labelling homosexuals defective human beings with a disordered psyche. If ordained, this would create a wound on their priesthood! I wonder if Cardinal Grocholewski knows of Fr Mychal Judge, the gay Franciscan priest who was chaplain to the New York fire fighters. Of the many priests who came to the World Trade Center immediately after the 9/11 terrorist attack, Fr Mychal was the only one to enter one of the towers, with the sole purpose of administering the last rites to those who had been mortally wounded: he died laying down his life for those he loved. Surely there can be no greater witness to Gospel values, and to the Kingdom, let alone to the Priestly vocation. Testimony to this excellent priest’s life can be found at

  1. March 12, 2009

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