Now 20 Children

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  • I always find it amazing how men in polygamous cultures are allowed many wives, but the women are allowed only one husband. Does this strike only me as being unbalanced and sexist?

  • Hello Fr John
    Sue does ask the obvious question: whether [polygamy] is in harmony with women’s rights and human dignity. Polygamy obviously originated in the minds of adherents to a patriarchal ideology and the latter is by its very nature, unbalanced and sexist.

    Equally, we Christian feminists would question in the person of Mr Zuma whether polygamy and Christianity can ‘marry’ in the hearts and minds of all believers.

    Furthermore, any mature adult must agree that the needs of a child can rarely be met by the mother only. A child needs a father particularly in the early formative years to be physically AND emotionally available. Having children out of wedlock, without at least a commitment to parent the child together is a form of child abuse.

    If a man was in a [committed-to-the wives’ equally] polygamous relationship as well as committed [not in name only] to the basic responsibilities of fatherhood, this, to my mind, would not necessarily be a bad thing. It is not easy, however, for parents to do this in a monogamous relationship so only an exceptional man would be able to provide for the needs of all concerned. Mr Zuma said on international TV that he was committed to all his wives equally! Perhaps he meant financially!

    Sue does point out the contradictory message being given re MCPs, but what about the message given to the male perpetrators of the ‘ONE-IN-NINE’ women being raped in our country – which in turn adds to the high abortion on demand needs! All these affect, in the long run, cost to the taxpayers.

    ps. no woman in her right mind would ever aspire to having more than one husband at a time.

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