10 Percent: Why I Tithe

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  • Sarah-Leah Pimentel

    Thanks Fr. Chris for this very challenging article. This is something I struggle with too and something I’ve spent much time talking to people about. In some ways I struggle to give. Like you, I know that God has blessed me abundantly in many ways, and I feel a need to give back some of what I’ve been blessed with.
    More recently, my giving has been directed to give to those that the Church can’t reach. There are many initiatives that the Church drives to bring relief to those in poverty. There are many charities that do fantastic work. I try to support both as much as I can. But experience has also shown me that the most marginalized in society for one reason or another often encounter neither the Church, nor charities, nor social welfare.
    This is a scary kind of giving because you don’t know if the person will use what you’ve given them for good. But I’ve also learnt that when you open up to the power of the Holy Spirit, you’d be amazed at the generosity of those to whom you give. I’ve had the opportunity to encounter a person who has a deep faith but I doubt has ever set foot in a Church (because she is afraid). As the relationship has changed from one of benefactor/beneficiary to a kind of friendship, I’ve come to realize that my generosity is nothing compared to hers. I give from what I have. She who doesn’t even have a house in which to raise her children takes what I give her and shares it with so many others I’ll never even reach.
    So the bottom line is not about tithing but about giving according to one’s conscience and being open to the opportunities to give back that God puts into our path.

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