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Out of this World: Vatican’s Care for Creation includes Final Frontier

From Pope Gregory XIII’s observational tower built in the Vatican Gardens in the 16th century so celestial studies could aid the reform of the calendar to Pope Leo XIII, who officially re-founded the Vatican Observatory in the late 19th century, popes have kept their eyes fixed on the heavens.

Jesuits: New Discovery of Planets Gives Hope

By Carol Glatz The quest to find life on other planets got a boost when astronomers confirmed the existence of at least seven Earth-sized planets orbiting a red dwarf star just 40 light years...

Should We Still Believe in Miracles?

In a world of science, does it still make sense to believe in miracles? Deacon Bernard Farrell-Roberts explains why we can. grew up believing in miracles because I was told by the Church that...

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Why Science and Religion need each other

The opponents of religion like to scoff that religion and science are in conflict with one another. Dr BERNARD FARRELL-ROBERTS explains why the opposite is true. Are science and faith really incompatible? The simple...