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Go to the Holy Land, if You Can

Recently I had the most wonderful opportunity to visit the Holy Land. Friends of mine invited me and I did not have to think twice about it,...

Finding Jesus at the Waters

In biblical times, as today, water was vital: to be hydrated, to stay clean, to produce crops, to raise livestock. Water was life. So it is no accident that so many crucial events in the Gospel take place around water: the Sea of Galilee, the River  Jordan, and the various wells and healing pools.

Catholic Returns to Stolen Home

This week’s massacre of 55 people in Gaza took place during a protest commemorating what Palestinians call the Naqba (Catastrophe), when many lost their homes to the...

New Proof for Christ’s Tomb

Scientists who helped restore a shrine above the site believed to be the place where Christ was buried say testing of samples has dated the tomb to at least the fourth century.