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To be friends with God this Lent

DEEPENING FRIENDSHIP WITH GOD: Daily Reflections for Lent, by Anthony Egan SJ, Trevor Hudson & Russell Pollitt SJ. Jesuit Institute SA, Johannesburg (2017). 129pp Reviewed by Günther Simmermacher More Stories: Pope Francis and the...

A Christian life to savour, sip by sip

A VOICE WITHIN CHURCH AND SOCIETY: A Personal Anthology, by Michael Nuttall. Cluster Publications, Pietermaritzburg,  2015. 262 pp. Reviewed by Fr Kevin Reynolds More Stories: Cardinals show us Africas Church Forming priests and deacons

Finding St Francis in SA today

ST FRANCIS UNCENSORED, by Patrick Noonan OFM. Choice Publishing, Ireland. 2016. 197pp Reviewed by Günther Simmermacher Seconds after Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, the Jesuit archbishop of Buenos Aires, was elected pope in March 2013, his...

How God’s Spirit is with us all the time

SANCTIFYING THE SPIRIT, by Julia Beacroft. Sancio Books, UK. 2016. 390pp Reviewed by Günther Simmermacher Regular readers of The Southern Cross will have read Julia Beacroft’s occasional columns which tie feast days of the...

A revolutionary priest tells his story

FAITH & JOY: Memoirs of a Revolutionary Priest, by Fernando Cardenal SJ.  Orbis Books, US. 2015. 254pp Reviewed by Paddy Kearney This is an extraordinary story of an extraordinary man. It begins at the...

Recognising Everyday Miracles

Cracks in the Sidewalk by Tony Magliano. Eastern Christian Publications (Fairfax, Va., 2015). 28 pp By Loretta Nemeth More Stories: Preaching in Hitlers shadow Pilgrims in the modern world: Daily Reflections for Lent

A beer bible for South Africa

THE BEER BOOK, by Holger Meier. The Frog Trust, 2014. 303 pp. Reviewed by Gnther Simmermacher More Stories: Preaching in Hitlers shadow The Book of Forgiving Pastoral care for pastors

Walking the Stations with Nouwen

WALK WITH JESUS: Stations of the Cross, by Fr Henri Nouwen. Orbis Books, 2015, 98pp Reviewed by Paddy Kearney More Stories: Pilgrims in the modern world: Daily Reflections for Lent

All you need to know about Church, politics and economics

All you need to know about Church, politics and economics

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE CHURCH, POLITICS AND ECONOMICS, by Fr Dr Nhlanhla T Mchunu. St John Vianney Seminary NPC, Pretoria. 2015 Reviewed by Fr S’milo Mngadi We often hear people saying...