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Like Having Dinner With Pope Francis

A FUTURE OF FAITH: The Path of Change in Politics and Society, by Pope Francis with Dominique Wolton. Bluebird/Pan Macmillan. 2018. 324pp Reviewed by Günther Simmermacher Imagine you are at a dinner party, and...

Catholics Who Do the Devil’s Work

The last place you’d expect to find a practising Catholic to ply his trade is in a satanic rock group called Deicide. But so it was with Ralph Santolla, a guitarist who died in June at the age of 51.

Visit to a Catholic Land

  There is always something salutary about visiting, if one can, a place with deep Catholic roots — especially if one comes from South Africa, where Catholicism has no significant presence in general life....

Finding Jesus at the Waters

In biblical times, as today, water was vital: to be hydrated, to stay clean, to produce crops, to raise livestock. Water was life. So it is no accident that so many crucial events in the Gospel take place around water: the Sea of Galilee, the River  Jordan, and the various wells and healing pools.