How Are We to Read the Bible?

2 Responses

  1. Joseph says:

    God’s revalation to the Church is contained in the Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition and Magisterial Teaching of the Church. Why? Sacred Scripture is self explanatory, but Sacred Tradition takes into account the unwritten Word of God referred to in John 21:25 and 2 Thess 2:15. These among others show us that there is more than what is written and these have been preserved in the Teaching of the Church. In John 14:26 Jesus Christ promises the Paraclete who shall remind them of “ALL” that He taught and did but remember John 21:25 says not all is in Sacred Scripture. This is why a child of Holy Mother Church has to accept everything that Sacred Tradition proposes for our Faith.

    The fact that we have a Sacred Scripture does not guarantee that we shall always have infallible interpretation of it. Three people reading about the plan of salvation independently always come up with different interpretations … hence Calvinism, Lutherans, Presbyterians and 30K others. Thus an infallible Word needs an infallible interpreter guided by the authority of the keys of St Peter (Mtt 16:19 and Isaiah 22:22). This is where the Magisterial teaching comes in and this is to be trusted because it takes years before something can be decreed as Church Teaching (Mtt 16:18).

    Also the Bible is written in what is called Biblical typology where the OT is in the NT revealed and the NT is in the OT concealed … hence the need for Revelations opening the seals of history in the light of Christ crucified (not the Lion of Judah but the Lamb appearing as if slain Rev 5:6).

    Thus every time we read Scripture we must read it with the Analogue of the Faith as we are taught by Holy Mother Church otherwise we risk making grievious mistakes that will appear very wise in our eyes but in actual fact are only deceptions of the evil one to side track us from the truth of the Holy Faith. This is why we are advised to read it from the ‘perspective of the Church’.

  2. Joseph says:

    I say “Sacred Scripture is self-explanatory” not that is explains itself but that it is the Word of God written down. Though infallible it required Magisterial teaching to sort out and choose which books actually make up the authentic Word among more than 200 books that were competing for a place in the NT. Holy Mother Church through the office of her bishops selected the true inspired Word of Her Bridegroom and presents that to us as the books of the Bible.