Catholics: Do You Know When to Genuflect?

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  1. Stephen Korsman says:

    God bless Archbishop Buti Tlhagale! I don’t know him at all. But I’ve read some of his sermons, and we need more like him. To the best of my knowledge, his cathedral is the only cathedral that has Masses using the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Liturgy. Good for him! We need more progressive leaders like him, in the modern times when the Creed is usually omitted at our cathedral. I bet he’d be the first to say a Solemn Pontifical Mass, and say the Ordinary Form of the Mass Ad Orientem.

    A note on genuflection – in Archbishop Tlhagale’s cathedral, the correct position in which to genuflect is with one’s back or right shoulder to the altar, depending on where you are. The tabernacle is located in the side chapel on the left if one is in the congregation facing the altar. We genuflect towards the tabernacle, not the chair behind the altar.

  2. Tseko says:

    How did bad practices come to be the norm? Is it because this was allowed to take root over a period of time. It would help if the priests could keep re-instructing people on what to do ,when, and how. I assume, (maybe without justification) that all our priests are commited to keeping the traditions alive.

    While we are on the topic, can we also call on all of us to discourage the chewing of gum in church, stop the chit chat especially during the eucaristic prayers and sermon. If we feel brave enough we may as well confront the sensitive matter of the “DRESS CODE” in church.

  3. lily p fynn says:

    Genuflecting – What would you have done? I walked into an unfamiliar church some months ago. The first thing I did since it was not immediately visible, was look for the tabernacle from left to right. I could not locate it, so i simply genuflected towards the altar (and that chair!) and slid into a pew. It was only when the proclaimer of the Word, walked up to the foot of the altar where she turned to face the congregation and bowed I realised that there was something not quite right..I could not help my reaction and turned my head around and sure enough, there the tabernacle was, (a beautiful one, I might add) to the left of the entrance to the church! I’d never seen any tabernacle at the ‘back’ of any of the churches I have visited.

  4. P.R.Margeot says:

    The dress code: to be followed. Tseko, you are

  5. P.R.Margeot says:

    The dress code: to be followed. Tseko, you are quite correct: the priests and only they can do something about that issue. But they are timid, it appears they do not dare offend their parishioners, then of course we live in an era of “human rights”…. ( I do what I want, I decide, it”s my life, I do what suits me etc etc….)
    My plea to ladies : dress modestly at all times. You have a grave responsibility, do it for God, think of our Holy Mother Mary. What would She do ? How would She dress if She were to appear in any liberal Catholic church today?
    Finally, a traditionally dressed lady is much more respected and attractive than she may know !