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How Moralism Sabotages the Gospel

By Kelvin Banda OP – Moralism and Christianity can never complement each other. Being a Christian is not about necessarily following an ethical code or what one does as a Christian. It is about...

Pope: Jesus Crucified is Our Salvation

True followers of Jesus profess their faith not through pre-packaged platitudes but rather through concrete actions of love for their neighbours, Pope Francis said. When he asked the disciples who they think he is,...

The Pope of the Gospel

One of the most profound episodes in the gospels is Jesus’ encounter with the woman of dubious repute at Jacob’s Well in Samaria (John 4:5-42). There were many reasons why Jesus should not have engaged with that woman. For one thing, as she rightly noted, he was a Jew and she a Samaritan, members of groups who maintained a mutual hostility.

Bring Jesus to the World this Year!

What are we Catholics doing in response to the call for a New Evangelisation? The success of the many new anti-Catholic agents is due to their taking advantage of the tepidity and indifference of many of us Catholics who are not up to the level of their aggressive evangelising methods.