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East London Parishes in the Holy Land!

Two East London parishes went on pilgrimage to the Holy Land. The group from St Francis Xavier parish in Pefferville and St Martin de Porres parish in Buffalo Flats was led by St Francis...

A Pilgrimage on the Trail of Abbot Pfanner

One needn’t go to Spain for a Camino: a local walking pilgrimage is available on the trail of Abbot Pfanner in KwaZulu-Natal. JUDITH SHIER describes her experience and that of her fellow pilgrims of...

Mary in the Holy Land: Final Stations

In the final of his three articles on sites of the life of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Holy Land, Günther Simmermacher visits the places in Jerusalem where the Church was ‘born’, where Mary fell into eternal sleep, and from where she was assumed into heaven.

Tlhabane Parish Took it to the Mountain

By Ezzy Seabelo – On the day before Palm Sunday, the community of St Peter’s church in Tlhabane, led by parish priest Fr Peter Ackappady, braved the boiling heat and walked for 6km from the...

Camino Journey: The Hunger for Spiritual Substance and the Church

My wife Charmaine and I had the privilege of walking the last 220km of the Camino in north-west Spain over a ten-day period recently. There are many blessings we received along the way: We grew close to a group of fellow young pilgrims who shared their lives and stories with us….

Following in the Footsteps: The Denis Hurley Pilgrimage

I was involved in a profound experience like this a few months ago when we organised two consecutive Saturdays of driving around KwaZulu-Natal in the footsteps of Archbishop Denis Hurley, the long-time head of Durban archdiocese who died in 2004 after whom the centre I work for was named.

8 Great Places of Pilgrimage

Pilgrimage destinations like the Holy Land and Rome are well-known, but there are many others. PAT McCARTHY looks at eight hugely popular sites. For a Catholic, a pilgrimage is a journey to a sacred location —...