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Pope: Political Power Comes from Serving

The Christian contribution to politics often seems to come only from “the declarations of the bishops” and not from Catholic lay men and women who are called to bring the Gospel to their activities in public life

Zimbabwe’s Christian Leaders: We Can’t Go Back

Church leaders in Zimbabwe called for calm and for an interim government after the military seized power Nov. 15. After meeting in the capital, Harare, the Zimbabwe Heads of Christian Denominations called for an interim government to be formed to “oversee the smooth transition to a free and fair election.”

Mass is No Place for Political Parties

According to several news reports, Dr Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma has taken her political campaign to become the next leader of the African National Congress, and therefore possibly the next president of South Africa, to the Catholic church in Mariannhill diocese.

Gangster Nation South Africa

South Africa’s status as a nation beset with crime has been confirmed by the latest crime statistics — and new allegations suggest that criminality goes right to the top.

Holy Russia? Believers Debate Putin’s Record as a Christian Leader

While many commentators in the west see Russian President Vladimir Putin as an authoritarian leader who tirelessly plots to revive a Soviet-sized empire, others celebrate Putin as an Eastern Orthodox czar, warring with the forces of the Antichrist in an apocalyptic struggle for the soul of Christian civilisation.


The Shifting Politics of Religion in the US

The American Values Atlas, released by the Public Religion Research Institute, took note of the role religion plays in shaping trends in U.S. politics. The numbers may to some seem striking, but at the same time may provide confirmation of things long suspected.