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Theological Conference: The Mission to Save and Heal

Saint Joseph’s Theological Institute will hold its sixth academic conference from April 25-27 at its Cedara campus near Pietermaritzburg. This year’s theme is “The Mission to Save and Heal”, drawing from Pope Francis’ 2013...

St Joseph’s Raises Funds for Conference Centre

The papal nuncio addressed the inaugural Bishop Barry Wood OMI Business Breakfast, which is planned to become an annual event to raise funds for the development of St Joseph’s Theological Institute (SJTI) at Cedara, near Pietermaritzburg.

St Joseph’s Theological Institute Students Graduate on High!

The 13th graduation ceremony at St Joseph’s Theological Institute (SJTI) in Cedara saw 15 students receive bachelor of arts degrees and higher and advanced certificates with first-class and distinction across the departments of theology, philosophy and development studies.