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Lenten Appeal: 50 Years of Sharing

This year, the bishops’ Lenten Appeal officially celebrates its 50th birthday. MANDLA ZIBI looks at the local Church’s vital ‘second collection’ campaign. This year’s Lenten Appeal is celebrated as marking the campaign’s 50th birthday. Although...

Lenten Prayer

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What the Pope Learnt this Lent

Humility is needed in order to recognise the voice of God in others, especially those who are perceived to be weak or subject to prejudice, a Franciscan friar told Pope Francis and members of...

Don’t Like Quiet? Get Over it for Lent

Prayer, one of the three pillars of Lenten discipline, along with fasting and almsgiving, seems to get the biggest boost during Lent. Spiritual leaders note that Catholics are most likely praying already and that...

Lenten Prayer

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