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Prayer for Lent 2019

God of goodness and mercy, Hear my prayer as I begin this Lenten journey with you. Let me be honest with myself as I look into my heart and soul, noticing the times I...

The Miracle of Pain

Fr Kevin Reynolds  – A close friend of mine has mentioned in our chats from time to time how much he desired a miracle that would make him more vividly aware of God. At our...

Lifted By the Winds of Lent

Like many young children, I had a vivid and expressive imagination when I was young, and that came especially to the fore during play times. A princess who needed to be rescued, a wicked witch and an intrepid explorer were among the fantasy roles I enjoyed enacting.

How Do We Build A Church Community?

This Lent we have asked parishioners to put on name tags and to introduce themselves to each other at the beginning of the Mass. Generally, after an initial reluctance, most were happy to comply. Of course, there are always those whose vehemence in being anti-anything like this is really scary. But then, every family has those, don’t they?

Let God Be God

Most of us take seriously our duty to bolster our faith by prayer, discussion, reading, discernment and through the sacraments, especially during the Lenten season. In the past the priest would, irritatedly, sermonise about big days and supermarket Christians and all that. These days, as a symptom of growing humility, perhaps, they’re just grateful people still take their faith seriously enough to make an effort.

Lenten Brush-Up: Tithing Your Time

Visiting the sick or home-bound is an art of virtue that deepens your Lenten experience. It’s just one of the many ways we can use Lent to refocus and brush away what may have been preventing us from following Jesus.

Movies for Lent with Conversion Themes

Lent is intended to be a season of ongoing conversion for the baptised, as well as of increasing conformity to the message of the Gospel. But it’s not only a season of self-denial – its all about what we learn in the experience too…

10 Saints To Inspire You During Lent – Part One

We are now entering the stage of Lent in which we tend to falter a little in keeping to our Lenten vows. The temptation to just forget about them for a few minutes (or hours, or days, etc), or the feeling of outright giving up because you believe you simply cannot commit to your resolutions becomes strong.