What Vatican II tells us about Aids

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  • I get the sense that this article got hijacked along the way and, instead of telling us what Vatican II has to say about HIV/AIDS, became an article focussed on the controversy and moral dilemmas created by Humanae Vitae.

    To end by writing that, “The condom controversy should not, however, be overstressed at the cost of the fundamental principle at work in Catholic response to HIV/Aids” [sic] is really pointless when 9 of these 15 paragraphs have already been devoted to the matter.

    Vatican II says much more to us that is useful in our response to HIV/AIDS. Stressing moral dilemmas and controversy seems to be to indicate that we may have lost our supernatural outlook.

    We don’t have all the answers to the challenges of this world. But immoral behaviour is never the answer to the worlds challenges. We need to learn again that there is a time when we hand it to God and admit we are helpless. To adopt a position of trying to justify immoral behaviour, in certain circumstances, sounds to me like despair.

    In any case, condoms have been distributed widely for years already, despite the Church teaching on this matter. Yet HIV/AIDS has not shown any decline, neither have teen pregnancies and neither have the number of abortions. If anything I read recently that they had increased. Condoms are not the answer, no matter how desperately we want to find a practical solution. Just as has been the case with embryonic stem cell research, we are flogging a dead horse here.

    The answer is a renewed focus on the “universal call to holiness” of all people and what the implications of a genuine response to this call to holiness will have on the world in which we live. God is the answer and it is time to let him take control again.

  • Joseph

    There is only one natural end for mankind and thus the focus and the whole point of life is to make the journey of hope towards that natural end. To divert from this path spells trouble not from God (who loves us dearly and could not be otherwise) but from the ancient enemy of human life. The moral and natural laws are indeed a path of love upon which we traverse to the Love that awaits us.

    Seeking immediate gratification, in this case intense genital stimulation without the responsibilities that go with it, is detrimental to the life of the soul and also of the body. The law of irreducible complexity applies not only only in our biochemistry and anatomy but also in our relations with others. We subsist in a delicate balance and out of love Almighty God told us that sex is for reproduction and a sacred blessing to the married couple “the two shall become one”, He blessed them saying “be fruitful and multiply”. We can never fight Almighty God and win. We turned sex into a wholesale plaything shared in orgies among whosoever wants and to the natural result we turned a vicious blind eye.

    After sex there is a bond between the two, refusing to embrace that bond results in pain between the two. Ignoring this kills our humanity and we become machines (sex robots devoid of emotion). To cover up our pain we get more and more sex and deny our sacred humanity. Is it any wonder we murder babies and call it abortion, we deny others entrance into life and we call it family planning, we amass wealth and instead of sharing that with more new people we invest into worthless and lifeless pursuits? Condoms, contraception, abortion, immorality, disobedience to the law of God have become the norm and then we wonder why the other scourges remain with us. We need to turn back to God, cry out to Him to heal and correct our depravity and only then will we become a people again. HIV/Aids is a scourge that requires us to correct our attitudes and morality; not seeking more ways of having sex as entertainment and deny the outcomes.

    Some years ago it was famine through blight that destroyed vineyards and potato fields and now it is HIV/Aids. We need to wake up and think before it is too late.

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