Pope’s Change of Tone

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  1. Gallibus says:

    Re: ‘The reactionary conservatives in the African Church, for instance, are rallying against what they see as the pope’s more relaxed attitude towards homosexuality, with its real and perceived implications on same-sex marriage.’
    Reply: I think you are mistaken. The Pope is not soft on homosexuality – society is. You have fallen for the half-truth/lie presented by the media.

    Re: ‘I do not understand why other people’s sexual preferences should be criminalized if they are not harming another party.
    Reply: ‘Homosexuality definitely does harm the population – homosexuals prey on other men and boys in the same way prostitutes do, leading them into unnatural sex and eventual spiritual death. Homosexuality is not a sin of solitude – it seeks a partner.

    Re: ‘What I have a problem with is allowing one’s moral judgement—conservative or liberal—to be prejudicial against others who do not share these values.’
    Reply: If one extrapolates your argument then there is no need to have prisons where those posing a danger to themselves or others are kept secluded. If I have a problem with theft or murder, etc. are you suggesting that society should just let it go because the poor murderer felt at liberty to perpetrate these evils? It is evil that we try to protect the innocent in society against.

    Re: ‘There is, of course, a hypocrisy in African patriarchal culture’.
    Reply: There is generally hypocrisy about male lack of chastity and family responsibility in all societies. If the man is not caught with his pants down, it is condoned and the woman punished. Not a new problem anywhere but one that should be remedied.

    Re: ‘But the Church is harsh on those who break their marital vows, or remarried divorcees. Its tone is especially harsh on LGBT people.’
    Reply: How can the Church be anything but firm on the Teaching when the sinner is unrepentant and vows to continue in the sin?

    Comment: Beware of wish-wash thinking – firm up on the Catechism of the Catholic Church and leave the world to the world – it can never give you eternal life, only eternal damnation.
    God bless.