Let’s Look at the New Missal Translation – Again

3 Responses

  1. Victor Victoria says:

    Thank you, Fr Chris, for having the courage to make your opinion known, even though it might tick off some rather curmudgeonly hierarchs.

    Paddy Kearney’s biography of Archbishop Denis Hurley, “Guardian of the light”, provides some insights into the profoundly disturbing way that ICEL was restructured, and how their efforts at a new English translation (painstakingly completed by the late nineties), approved by the English-speaking bishops’ conferences, was ditched in the most uncollegial fashion by omnipotent curial officials. What has been imposed upon us is a travesty!

    The late-90s ICEL translation should be taken off the shelves, dusted down, and given to us, the People of God, for our spiritual nourishment in the celebration of the liturgy … there is absolutely no need for further work on translations.

  2. Inksa says:

    Thank you Fr Chris. Most of us just go with the flow and maybe are a little reluctant to express how we actually feel. The new liturgy for a Communion Service introduced into the Cape has left our small parish saddened and disappointed, a number of individuals skipping these services or going away from them on a Sunday saying that we don’t feel as if we have been to church.

  3. George says:

    There is honesty in simplicity, speak what you feel rather than what is repetitive reading with sometimes little understanding of the prayer message. Well done.