Do you Mean a Different Lord?

2 Responses

  1. Stephen Korsman says:

    Pope Leo XIII studied Anglican orders and finally issued Apostolicae curae, stating that Anglican orders were not valid. This means that the Anglican Eucharist / Mass is not a valid Mass, because it is not said by a priest validly ordained by a bishop with real apostolic succession.

    Catholics believe that the Eucharist is the real body and blood of Jesus. Until Apostolicae curae is rescinded by the Magisterium, the Catholic Church considers the bread and wine used at an Anglican Mass to remain just that – bread and wine – and not transubstantiated, as at a Catholic Mass, into the real Body and Blood of Jesus.

  2. inksa says:

    In my bible Jesus takes the bread blesses it and says take this and eat and do this in memory of me. He didn’t say anything about transubstantiation – this is a man made rule . Remember that when Jesus said this he was celebrating the Jewish Passover. My husband of 49 years an Anglican and I were married in a Catholic church by a Catholic priest and an Anglican bishop and when I go to an Anglcan ceremony with him I do not belive my God disaproves if I receive communion together with my husband ad long ad I do it in a sincere and loving way.