Alcoholic Annulment?

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  1. maggie says:

    How does one go about applying for an annulment? I was brought up in a strict family home, married for 22 years and divorced in 2002.
    Four years ago I met up with a childhood male friend. He is also a divorced catholic and we now live together. We are both in our mid 50’s with 6 children grown up between us. My partner has still been very keen to go to Mass, but I have more reluctant to do, although I have been on numerous ocassions, but feel relatively empty and miserable afterwards (or maybe guilty) not being allowed to receive Holy Communion, I just feel there is no point in attending Mass and that I can rather pray at home. I feel that the Church will not accept me back into being a part of anything in the Church because I am divorced and living with someone. Most of my childhood and married life saw me being very involved in the Church teaching Catechism, Confirmation, working in Youth Groups, the choir, Mothers Groups etc.
    I have a huge difficulty in going to Mass and not being able fully participate in the Sacraments nor in the Parish.
    Our Mothers are still alive today and even in their old age, continue to be beautiful examples and dedicated to God and doing His work.
    We reside on the South Coast of Natal.
    Your advice and/or suggestions/assistance would be very much appreciated.
    Thank you