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Author: Why I Reopened Old Wounds

A memoir by a Catholic author about growing up under apartheid has been a surprise bestseller in South Africa this year. Günther Simmermacher interviewed Beryl Crosher-Segers. What was supposed to be a family memoir...

An Ordinary Life In An Extraordinary Time

A DARKER SHADE OF PALE, by Beryl Crosher-Segers. Torchflame Books, Durham NC, 2018. 243pp Reviewed by Günther Simmermacher The rich body of literature on the subject of apartheid has rather neglected the experience of...

How My Father’s Death Led to a Book

My father’s  death, after almost a lifetime of absence, seems to close the yawning chasm between us. I feel him closer in death than when he was alive. The seed of an “inclination to look back on history” was planted the day I heard he had died.

Secret Deal? Vatican Archives and the Holocaust

Secret negotiations between Heinrich Himmler and a Swiss Catholic politician, hired by a Jewish woman and helped by an Italian papal nuncio, may have contributed to ending the mass extermination of the Jewish people.