Author: Emmanuel Ngara

Know Who You Are to be Happy

A key element of personal leadership development is know who you are, self-awareness, and knowing our purpose in life, writes Emmanuel Ngara.

Habits that Make You an Effective Person

We look at habits that can make a leader an effective person, and will draw much from Stephen Covey’s book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. For a Christian leader there are two levels of personal leadership development: the providential and the personal initiative.

Facts and Faith to Fight Corruption

We explore some practical ways in which we can fight against corruption as individuals and as a community of believers in order to show society that the Christian standard in issues of ethics, morality and conduct is higher than what we normally see in our daily lives.

What to do about False Prophets?

My last column ended with questions about what members of mainline churches should do to curb unacceptable practices by the leaders of some Pentecostal churches who call themselves “prophets”. This is not an issue...

What to Do About Modern ‘Prophets’

Last month we noted how the new Pentecostal-type churches are attracting large numbers of followers by preaching the gospel of health and wealth. By focusing on their power to heal diseases and to enrich,...