Category: Editorials 2018

The Pope’s Big Crisis

Pope Francis is in the midst of the worst crisis in his papacy of almost five years.The Holy Father has a good record of saying the right things on the sex abuse scandal.So there was understandable indignation at comments in response to protests against a bishop accused of having known about the abuses of a priest.

The Feast of Love

A peculiar quirk of the calendar this year times Ash Wednesday to coincide with Valentine’s Day, and Easter with April Fool’s Day.
While Catholics will not mistake the Resurrection for an April Fool’s joke, some will likely be torn between observing the Church’s disciplines governing Ash Wednesday

How to Be Fully Prolife

This week 21 years ago the Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Act, which legalised abortion-on-demand in South Africa, came into effect. For the Catholic Church, this law is a stain on our democracy because abortion kills God-made life, which is sacred.

Fake News: Don’t Lie

The Eighth Commandment admonishes us not to bear false witness — but the sin of lying is becoming more and more easy to commit as our access to means of communications increases. When we spread fake news on social media, blogs or e-mail, we make ourselves complicit in the act of bearing false witness.

Stop the Bullying

Psychologists may cite a range of reasons to explain why some people bully others, but Pope Francis has identified in blunt language the spiritual roots of the harassment of others.

A Welcoming Church

The decline of Christianity in Europe found alarming expression last month when a survey revealed that only half of all Germans were planning to attend church services for Christmas.

What We Pray for in 2018

As we are getting used to the figure 2018 on our diaries, we are called to pray for the many social and political crises, existing and potential, that afflict our country and the world.