Editorials 2018

The Rough Beast

Guest Editorial by Fr Lawrence Ndlovu – Christmastide is often characterised by light and great festivity. It is a time of abundance, families and friends feasting, and...

Calling Back Ex-Catholics

In many Catholic parishes and families one hears the lament that young people abandon the Church, and even their faith, the moment they take off their confirmation outfits.

Our Obligation on the Road

The holiday season is supposed to bring much cheer, but every year it also produces tragedy on our roads and highways. The road death toll over last...

See the Divine Light in Others

Guest editorial by Fr Stefan Hippler Every year on World Aids Day, December 1, we are reminded of the plight of the more than 34 million people...

A Synod on Women?

Following last month’s Synod of Bishops on Youth, suggestions have been made that the next synod might be dedicated to women. This would be a natural progression:...

The Profit in War

  A hundred years ago on November 11 at 11:11, the “war to end all wars” concluded, bringing to a close a global conflict that changed the...

The Viganò Papers

Many Catholics have been left uncertain by the letters issued by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò which sought to implicate Pope Francis in the abuse scandal involving a disgraced US cardinal.

How to Do Halloween

Over the next couple of weeks, many South Africans, especially the young, will plan activities that mark two foreign days of festivities. Both should concern Catholics.