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What Happens to Deconsecrated Churches?

The Vatican is helping organise an international conference meant to help dioceses work with their local communities in finding appropriate uses for decommissioned churches. The Pontifical Council for Culture, together with Rome’s Pontifical Gregorian...

Bishops Issue Warning on ‘Fake Nun’

The Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference (SACBC) has warned churches that a woman who claims to be a Holy Cross Sister is not what she appears to be. The warning, issued in a memorandum...

Prayer for Priests

Fr Nhlanhla Mazibuko (left) and Fr Jabulani Ndaba (right), both of Eshowe diocese, with Dr CW Zondo of St Martin de Porres parish in Esikhawini, near Empangeni and Richards Bay. Dr Zondo prayed for...

German Priest Criticised and Ridiculed for Headscarf Protest

A German pastor has ignited controversy by donning a headscarf during his Pentecost Sunday sermon. Father Wolfgang Sedlmeier, pastor of the Parish of St. Maria in Aalen, shocked his congregation by tying a scarf around his head during a Pentecost sermon and wearing it on the altar during the duration of the service.

Reclaiming Jesus From Politics

Saying that Jesus Christ has been “hijacked” in the name of politics, a large crowd of national Christian leaders and members of their congregations vowed during a prayer service and vigil to “reclaim Jesus” from those who not only use his name for their political and personal gain, but reject the gentleness, kindness, love of neighbour, the poor and the truth that Christ embraced.

Marian Spirituality: A Collective Tradition

Br Simeon Banda FMS – Catholics have a long tradition of Marian devotions and praying the Rosary. Two months have been dedicated to these: May and October. Many male and female consecrated men share...

How the first SA-Founded Religious Order Came to Be

In only three years Francis Pfanner had become world-famous. In 1885 Mariannhill was given the status of an abbey, and Pfanner was consecrated its first mitred abbot. The abbot was passionate about spreading the benefits of education and Christianity further afield. Soon a network of mission churches sprang up through southern Natal, each on farmland that was sufficient to feed its congregants.

Bring the Noise! A Church That Will Stand the Test of Time

It’s my humble opinion that so many of our Catholics brothers and sisters are very godly, without always living out the teaching of the Gospel message—but in the same vein they can be very petty and legalistic in practising their faith, without realising that legalism breeds a lifeless, boring faith