Category: Evil & Persecution

Where Cows are Worth More than People

What is more important: a human being or a cow? While this may sound like a silly and irrational question, the sad situation on the ground in much of my Nigerian homeland is that innocent human beings are being slaughtered so that cattle can graze on their land.

The Pope and the Yezidis

“Once more I speak out in favour of the rights of the Yezidis, above all their right to exist as a religious community. No one can allocate oneself the power to eliminate a religious group because it is not among those who are ‘tolerated'” – Pope Francis

The Hate Speech Bill: A Blessing or Danger?

A new proposed law will make hate speech and incitement a prosecutable crime. Bishop VICTOR PHALANA sees the point of such a law — and big risks. Parliament will debate a proposed law that will make hate speech illegal. The draft of the Prevention and Combating of Hate Crimes and Hate Speech Bill still needs revision, especially in terms of conforming to the Constitution.