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All Of Life Should Be Journey Toward God

By Carol Glatz – Jesus invites everyone to always go to him, which, Pope Francis said, also means no longer making life revolve around oneself. “What direction is...

Commentary: The Enduring Value Of Celibacy

By Father Carter Griffin – A few days ago, someone asked me in passing whether the “big meeting in Rome” — referring to the Synod of Bishops for...

Saint Paul and the Bible

When we think of St Paul on his many great journeys fearlessly preaching the gospel, do we imagine a street preacher proclaiming his message aloud, grasping and sometimes waving around a well-thumbed leather-bound copy of the Bible? When we think of Paul writing his letters, do we imagine him writing away surrounded by a stack of bibles, commentaries and works of theology? We would be mistaken.

Why the Bible Really Matters

The Bible is a collection of 66 books, some of which were written 2700 years ago and some as “recently” as 1950 years ago