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All Of Life Should Be Journey Toward God

By Carol Glatz – Jesus invites everyone to always go to him, which, Pope Francis said, also means no longer making life revolve around oneself. “What direction is my journey going? Do I only try...

Commentary: The Enduring Value Of Celibacy

By Father Carter Griffin – A few days ago, someone asked me in passing whether the “big meeting in Rome” — referring to the Synod of Bishops for the Amazon — would allow priests to...

Can We Give In to Jesus?

Many Catholics, it seems to me, don’t really know how to converse with God in prayer. If we say we are a prayerful people, do we really believe in the power of prayer, but...

Saint Paul and the Bible

When we think of St Paul on his many great journeys fearlessly preaching the gospel, do we imagine a street preacher proclaiming his message aloud, grasping and sometimes waving around a well-thumbed leather-bound copy of the Bible? When we think of Paul writing his letters, do we imagine him writing away surrounded by a stack of bibles, commentaries and works of theology? We would be mistaken.

How We Can Hear God’s Voice in the Bible

By Cackie Upchurch – In a beloved passage from the gospel of John, Jesus uses all types of shepherding imagery to speak of his own role for his followers. As the good shepherd, he...

Why the Bible Really Matters

The Bible is a collection of 66 books, some of which were written 2700 years ago and some as “recently” as 1950 years ago