Author: Kilian SC

Christ’s Disciples Will be Led Were They Do Not Want to Go

Pope Francis focused his homily on the day’s reading from St. John’s Gospel (21:15-19). Jesus asks Simon Peter three times, “Do you love me,” and each time that Simon Peter replies he does, Jesus tells him to feed and tend his sheep. He then forewarns his disciple that following him would lead to going “where you do not want to go.”

Without the Holy Spirit, Nothing Happens

I was an undergrad in philosophy at The Catholic University of America when I had the opportunity to attend an off-campus lecture by Rev. Alexander Schmemann, dean of St. Vladimir Orthodox Seminary in New...

Pope: A Swiss Guard Has Faith, Love, Courage & Patience

The steadfast faith and love for the Catholic Church that have characterised members of the Swiss Guard for centuries must be part of the men’s lives even after they have stopped wearing their colourful medieval uniforms and carrying their halberds, Pope Francis said.

Why Christians Must Seek Unity

The week leading to Pentecost is the Week for Prayer for Christian Unity. I encourage our parishes and communities to try and reach out to other Christians and to open their doors to them for ecumenical experiences.

Pope: Either you are with God or with the Devil

Baptism requires rejecting Satan and professing one’s full faith in God, Pope Francis said. Only by being able to say “no” to the devil, his works and empty promises “am I able to say ‘yes’ to God, who calls me to conform myself to him in thoughts and deeds,” he said.