Author: Ani Arinze

God is in Your Neighbour

Nigeria as a vast nation is made up of more than 200 tribes, although these are categorised into three peoples: the Hausa-speaking regions (the Northerners), the Igbos...

Even Witch-Doctors Create Churches

Nigeria is one of the most religious countries in the whole of Africa, with the highest number of Christians and more churches than the other African countries...

A Nation’s Hope Betrayed

Hope; the faith or yearning that something depended upon will fulfil itself — this has been the fate of many ordinary citizens of every other country regarding...

Where Cows are Worth More than People

What is more important: a human being or a cow? While this may sound like a silly and irrational question, the sad situation on the ground in much of my Nigerian homeland is that innocent human beings are being slaughtered so that cattle can graze on their land.