Author: Raymond Perrier

New year, New Budget!

It’s January. You are feeling the aftermath of the excesses of Christmas, New Year, gift-buying, partying and summer holidays. Your pocket and bank account are probably feeling rather depleted. You are not the only...

From the Margins to the Centre

The sight of people from the Amazon with traditional clothes and instruments participating in a Mass in one of Rome’s grand baroque churches will be one of the defining images of this papacy. When...

Mary Magdalene and Me

I share a birthday with Mary Magdalene – her feast day that is. In his article “How Mary Magdalene the Apostle Was Slandered”  Günther Simmermacher provides some very useful insights into how and why...

We Are Easter People!

We wished people a Happy Easter last Sunday but are you doing so this Sunday? Easter for Christians is not a one-off event: rather it is a season lasting a full 50 days and our joy should continue to overflow this year until June 9, this year’s date for Pentecost.