Category: Editorials 2017

Rebellion in the Church

We are living in an era of culture wars, and the Church is not immune from it. Typically the noise in these social conflicts, today amplified by social media, is marked by hype, distortion and fear-mongering. These are some of the tools that have helped demagogues and extremists record electoral successes in many parts of the world.

Translating the Liturgy

Pope Francis’ new document on the liturgy, Magnum Principium, might make a rather minimal change in canon law, but it has historical significance and ramifications.

South Africa’s Catholic History

As the Church in Southern Africa anticipates the 200th anniversary of its foundation next June, the celebration of Heritage Day on September 25 offers an opportune time to reflect on how far Catholicism has come in those two centuries.

Erasing the Cross

The secularisation of the West is gathering at a relentless pace. As we report this week, some 53% of people in Britain, especially the young, say that they have no religious affiliation.

A Liturgical Peace

Pope Francis set down a marker recently when he affirmed “with certainty and magisterial authority that the liturgical reform” which followed the Second Vatican Council “is irreversible”.

Politicians in Church?

President Jacob Zuma, it seems, cannot stop himself from issuing his admonition that churches should keep out of his business — politics — and concentrate on theirs, which is to save souls. Yet, if his expectation is that politics and religion be kept apart, then he cannot use churches for his party political endeavours.

When An Ex-Pope Speaks

When retired Pope Benedict XVI sent a personal message to be read at the funeral of Cardinal Joachim Meisner in Cologne, it was received with loud applause...

The Cardinal Pell Dilemma

In responding to the disgrace of sexual abuse of minors by Church personnel and their cover-up in many dioceses throughout the world, the Catholic Church has done...