Category: Editorials 2017

God and Temptation

The secular media and social networks became overexcited again this month about another comment by Pope Francis: this time the Holy Father supposedly proposed to change the Lord’s Prayer.

Let the Christmas Season Begin

In our secularised society, Christmas has long ceased to be mainly the feast of the Nativity of our Lord — if ever the main focus was on the birth of the Prince of Peace. Certainly modern society has adopted a multifarious approach to the event.

Heavens Alive!

Christmas in a village parish on the North Coast of then-Natal in the 1940s was a flowering of fragrance and colour from mangoes, avocados and litchis.

Happy Holidays?

Among Christians there is a potent call to “Put Christ Back Into Christmas”, drawing from a slogan that is already several decades old. The obvious implication of it is that, to cite the time-honoured phrase, “Christ is the reason for the season”, and therefore should not be excluded.

Viri Probati: A Married Priesthood?

The recent flurry of reactions to media reports that Pope Francis is considering opening the way for the married priesthood illustrates, again, the importance of an informed and credible Catholic media

Gangster Nation South Africa

South Africa’s status as a nation beset with crime has been confirmed by the latest crime statistics — and new allegations suggest that criminality goes right to the top.

An Ecumenical Spring: That We May Be One

Addressing an inter-denominational service in Durban’s Catholic cathedral to mark the 500th anniversary of the start of the Protestant Reformation, Lutheran Bishop Munib Younan of the Holy Land said he perceives “an ecumenical spring”.

The #MeToo Campaign

The #MeToo Campaign: As the Catholic Church discovered 15 years ago, sometimes it takes just one case to blow the lid off a long-fermenting scandal. 

Mission of the Youth

Where once missionaries left their homes to convert people who had not heard the Good News, today the message of Christ’s love and sacrifice must be communicated to many of those who have heard but do not embrace it.