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Family: What More Can be Done?

Participating in a conference of the Department of Social Development was enlightening and for me also affirming. I know that those in the DSD Family Directorate and the family services forum understand and base their...

Sports on Sunday Ok, but Not to Skip Mass!

A new Vatican document cautions against the dangers of highly competitive children’s sports, political and economic pressures on athletes to win ‘“at all costs” and the unsportsmanlike or violent behaviour of fans. The document...

Fruits of Our Family Mission Statement

When our children were small, we tried to show them who they were from the inside by being godly on the outside. Our parents instilled in us great principles and values and we wanted to do the same for our children so that they could be responsible citizens of the world. We encouraged them to be strong on the inside and at peace on the outside.

Power of Prayer Saves a Family

More than a year ago, my daughter’s divorced husband suddenly began action for custody of their 23-year-old mentally challenged daughter, after 20 years of apparently friendly separation. A legal battle ensued and we began praying to Our Lady for a just settlement.

A Family Liturgical Cycle?

Christmas may be over, but before we know it, it’ll again be Advent and Christmas again. And then it will be good to remember that the 12 Days of Christmas are those after the feast of the Nativity, not before.