Author: Toni Rowland

Every Family Matters!

It’s quite a number of years now that I have been submitting this column under the heading “Family Friendly”. Apart from the feedback I get from time to time, I do sometimes wonder whether...

Is Ubuntu is Jesus’ Worldview?

This will be the last of my columns for 2018, a journey that has attempted to “Catholicise” the concept of ubuntu. At a conference early in the year I asked sodality members if ubuntu...

Family: What More Can be Done?

Participating in a conference of the Department of Social Development was enlightening and for me also affirming. I know that those in the DSD Family Directorate and the family services forum understand and base their...

A Family Liturgical Cycle?

Christmas may be over, but before we know it, it’ll again be Advent and Christmas again. And then it will be good to remember that the 12 Days of Christmas are those after the feast of the Nativity, not before.

Where Did You Come From, And Where Are You Going?

‘Where on earth did you come from and where in heaven do you think you’re going?” This question is the core of a little booklet with the title “Our Catholic Heritage”, produced by MARFAM some 15 years ago.  These questions are still as relevant but the situations of families and of our countries and our world are changing continually.