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50 Years for Ron and Olga Williams!

Ron and Olga Williams were married 50 years ago on August 18. Olga and Aloysious (Ron) Williams celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary this month. They were married on August 18, 1968, by the late...

Forge Ahead with the Love of God

It’s all about the attitude, the power of being positive. You can see, or perhaps experience it, in sport: you don’t score runs at cricket if you play defensively; you can’t win at rugby or soccer if you spend all your time defending your own line. It’s very difficult to win at tennis if you concentrate only on returning your opponent’s shots.

Let There Be Love

  This month 50 years ago, The Beatles released their classic hit song “All You Need Is Love”, which promised that love is the answer to our personal, societal and political troubles. Today, as...