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Prayer of St Dominic

St Dominic died 800 years ago but his strong legacy lives on. His feast day is August 8 and here’s his beautiful prayer. Don’t miss Fr Joe...

The Seeds of Good Preaching

At a time when the quality of homilies is a recurring talking point in the global Church, the example of Pope Francis’ preaching style can offer some direction.
In his homilies and talks at audiences, the Holy Father uses many of the methods which emulate Jesus’ approach to preaching: keeping the message and the way in which it is delivered simple, emphasising it with references to real life — Jesus would use parables to do that — and then driving home the point.

Good Preaching Needs Listening and Learning

Homilies must be relevant to those who hear them, and there are ways to achieve that, as KELVIN BANDA OP explains. Religious orders or congregations tend not to train their members on how to give a good homily. It is the people whom we serve who aid us in preparing and giving our best homilies.