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Leading by Facebook, Yes we can

Hi, my name is Sarah-Leah and I am addicted to Facebook. If there was a support group for chronic social media users, I would probably sign up.

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A Christian movement that fizzled out

When I got to Durban in the mid-1990s, I became passionately convinced about the need to promote true and authentic Christian practice. I also saw a close and strong link between Christian practice and the ecumenical movement. I earnestly believed that most Christians, regardless of denomination, had become very poor witnesses of Christ, especially when [...]

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Was Jesus’ death a type of ‘suicide’?

Was Jesus Christ killed? Can God be killed? Did Jesus Christ die? Can God die? Jesus chose the moment of his “death”. Would that be a type  of “suicide”? Or did he detach his Spirit from his body when he breathed his last on the cross? Patrick Wood

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Boycott StarSat to stop porn

From Deacon Godfrey Solomon, Cape Town Your article “Bid to stop TV porn continues” (July 2) begins with a report of Church leaders calling on Catholics to support a court battle to stop pornography from being broadcast on South African televisions.

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Peacemakers of God

Received wisdom in secular circles tends to hold religion responsible for most wars in history, with some ascribing religious motives to many conflicts even today.

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A new world, somewhere

The words of an old song by The Seekers have been buzzing around in my head while reflecting on my recent travels and the family theme for July on the elderly and their families: “There’s a new world somewhere they call the promised land. And I’ll be there someday if you will hold my hand.”

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