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How 2018 Will Be A Watershed Year

Division and corruption shall be the legacy of Jacob Zuma’s reign over our country. But the decision to announce free tertiary education for households with joint incomes below R350000 a year is the right one.

Lessons From A Hard Mom

It has been a year when the dark clouds of death came into closer proximity to me in more ways than one. As it closes we are again about to bury a lifetime friend and peer who finally lost her battle to an aggressive form of cancer.

South Africa Catholic Church

South Africa’s Catholic Church Heritage

The Catholic Chuch in South Africa has a rich history of suppression and opposition in South Africa – so from the first Mass said around  1487 till today when we are celebrating the 200th anniversary of the South African Catholic Church – we also celebrate the lives of those who built the faith in SA.

How My Father’s Death Led to a Book

My father’s  death, after almost a lifetime of absence, seems to close the yawning chasm between us. I feel him closer in death than when he was alive. The seed of an “inclination to look back on history” was planted the day I heard he had died.